Name: Clea
Call Name: Lea
DOB: 3rd May 2010
Sire: Dick Od Su-Ringa
Dam: Astra House vom Kodic
Color: Cream

Health Results:

ED 0
Eyes Clear

A true princess, marvelous character and a first dog that came in to our home. Her best trait is that that she is absolutely a fantastic mother. This star of the family is characterized by harmony, tranquility and nobleness. She is very loving and full of love for her babies and people. She likes dog shows and she acts like a true lady then. She is a fantastic brood bitch and we have some very nice offspring of her.


Dick Od Su-Ringa Broken Hill Donovan Black Schinau Red-King
Broken Hill Oxana
Pici Od Su-Ringa YU Jas-Min Botond
Csiang-Szu Ro-La
Astra von House Kodic Leonardo Jas-Min Botond
Csiang-Su Ro-La
Sena Tao-Mi


  • International dog show-CACIB Arad 10.03.2012 Judge: Mr Schill Roberto Class: Champion – EXC,Cac,CACIB
  • International dog show-CACIB Arad 11.03.2012 Judge:——- Class: Champion – EXC,Cac,CACIB
  • Specialiti dog show V FCI-Apatin 06.05.2012 Judge: Mr Bratislav Milosevic Class: Champion – EXC,Cac,Bob,CLUB WINNER
  • International dog show-CACIB Sabac 17.06.2012 Judge :Mr Francuz—– Class: Champion – EXC,Cac,Cacib
  • International dog show-CACIB Beograd 04.11.2012 Judge: Mr Zeljko Todorovic Class: Champion – EXC,Cac,Cacib


  • International dog show -CACIB Beograd 06.03.2011 Judge: Mr Slavoljub Andric Class: Junior – EXC
  • National dog show-CAC Novi Sad 25.03.2011 Judge: Mrs Natasa Davidovic Class:Junior –  EXC,Junior CAC,junior Bob,BOB
  • International dog show-CACIB Jagodina 26.03.2011 Judge: Nikolina Davidovska Class: Junior – EXC,Junior CAC,Junior BOB
  • Internatonal dog show -CACIB Kanjiza 27.03.2011 Judge: Mrs Evica Misic Class: Junior – EXC
  • International dog show-CACIB Bogatic 02.04.2011. Judge: Mrs Miodrag Vretenicic Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac
  • National dog show – CAC Bijeljina 20.04.2011 Judge: Mr slavoljub Andric Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac,Junior Bob,BOB
  • International dog show-CACIB Odzaci 23.04.2011 Judge: Mrs Elena Agafonova Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac,Junior Bob
  • International dog show -CACIB Skopje 30.04.2011 Judge: Mrs Ljiljana Stojanovic Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac,Junior Bob,BOB
  • National dog show -CAC Skopje 30.04.2011 Judge: Mr Stefan Mitrevski Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac,Junior Bob,BOB
  • International dog show-CACIB NIS 15.05.2011  Judge: Mr Paul Odenkirchen Class: Junior – EXC,Junior CAC
  • National dog show-CAC Becej 18.06.2011 Judge: Mr Bosnjak Tibor Class: Junior – EXC,Junior CAC
  • International dog show .CACIB Vrnjacka Banja 02.07.2011 Judge: Mr zeljko Todorovic Class: Junior – EXC,Junior Cac,Junir Bob
  • National dog show-CAC Zrenjanin 27.08.2011 Judge: Mrs Sanja Momcilovic bognic Class: intermedia – EXC,Cac,BOB
  • National dog show-CAC Temerin 01.10.2011 Judge: Mr gabriel Stibel Class:Intermedia – EXC,Cac,Bob,BOG1
  • International dog show-CACIB Prilep 22.10.2011 Judge: Mr Dragan Ristic Class: intermedia – EXC,Cac,Cacib,Cac Mak,BOB
  • International dog sho-CACIB Skopje 23.10.2011 Judge:—- Class: Intermedia – EXC,Cac,Cacib,BOB
  • National dog show-CAC Debeljaca 30.10.2011 Judge: MrSinisa Sancanin Class: Intermedia – EXC,Cac,DERBY WINNER
  • International dog show-CACIB Beograd 06.11.2011 Judge: Mrs Dragana Vlahovic Class: Intermedia – EXC,Cac,CACIB


  • National dog show-CAC Debeljaca  30.10.2010. Judge: Mr.Pal Paroci Class: Baby – VP1,Baby BOB,Baby BOG,BABY BIS
  • International dog show -CACIB Beograd 07.11.2010. Judge: Mrs Sanja Vretenicic Class :Puppy – VP1